The Apostles’ Creed: An Overview and History

January 7, 2019

Matthew 16:13-20  Overview and History.  This will be an introductory sermon on the apostle's creed, as well as an overview of what we are going to be discussing over the next several weeks.  We will talk about the fact that the creed has been a part of the church for hundreds of years and how our church is connected to the great body of believers.  Communion Sunday


We Believe in God the Father

January 14, 2019

"God"   Genesis 1:1-5; We affirm that God is the “creator of heaven and earth," and yet the way we articulate who God is to the world often communicates a vision that falls short of God’s greatness and ultimacy.  This sermon will reflect on the glory and greatness of God.


I Believe in Jesus Christ

January 28, 2019

John 1:1-18  How is it that Jesus can be fully God and fully human? Isn’t impossible to be 200%? We often think of those two things as being contradictory, separated by a wide gulf because of our sin. But God created human beings in God’s own image, and nothing can change that. The Word that was present with God from the beginning is able to be made flesh because our flesh was already made in that image


We Believe in the Holy Spirit

February 3, 2019

John 16:1-7  After Jesus gave the Great Commission, died and returned, Jesus shared that He would be departing forever. The Holy Spirit, he said, the Counselor, could come and live with people forever, if they invite the Holy Spirit into their hearts.



We Believe in the Church: The Communion of Saints

February 11, 2019

1 John 1:1-10  The church is called together and empowered by Jesus to carry on his ministry in the world. We do this through our example of freely sharing all we have with whomever has need, just as the three persons of the Trinity fully share of themselves with one another.


We Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins

February 18, 2019

Romans 5:12-21; God offers us free grace and forgiveness that is beyond our ability to comprehend our grasp by our own power. We repent and begin to allow grace to change our life in response to the grace we have already been given.